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Weight vs Wait: Navigating Platonic & Romantic Relationships - Bridging The Gap Podcast


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God is never in a hurry. We can wait on God knowing that there's no pressure, limits, rush. We can wait knowing God is a God that will perform everything that he said and deliver everything that he has promised. That weight and pressure will leave us looking at vulnerability like it's a liability often, forcing us to stop the process. However, God meets you in the waiting room. That's where the weights and the shackles begin to fall off. Giving space for you to thrive as a Woman of God.

Join Minister Shawn Reid for the latest word of encouragement discerning and navigating the W E I G T H versus the W A I T of platonic, romantic and intimate relationships,

Tune in each and every Monday at 7PM EST for a new episode of Bridging the Gap Podcast.

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